ChildSafe Movement in Kampot

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15 July 2019
KCDI together with Epic Arts are coordinating a meeting with the Department of Social Affairs in Kampot at the DoSVY Headquarters (Kampot) on the 24th July 2019 to start a ChildSafe Movement in Kampot.

"Friends International" (ChildSafe Alliance Movement) and "M’Lop Tapang" who are experts in the prevention of child abuse, will give their assessment on the current situation in Kampot Province and initial training and advice to local authorities, senior hospital doctors, police and human rights groups, on the prevention of abuse of children, as well as an action plan. The NGO “APLE”, who are experts in investigative work and coordinating the arrest of criminals in cooperation with the police, will also be present and share their advice.

We thank everyone for their presence and for sharing their precious skills.

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