Rehabilitation Program for Blind Children - KCDI
Rehabilitation Program for Blind Children
6 May 2014
KCDI - Promote project
Residential Program
8 May 2014
Cultural Program - KCDI
Our school specializes in the tuition of traditional classical Cambodian music, ballet and theatre, as a form of post-traumatic therapy, but also as a form of vocational training and as a way to preserve Cambodia’s traditional arts and culture after the genocide of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.

Our teaching staff come from the National Theatre and Cambodian Royal Ballet. We also have a programme to document and record traditional Cambodian music, to help ensure its survival, after the deaths of so many of the great masters during the Khmer Rouge period.

Our school is one of the only centres in Cambodia to specialize in the ancient art of Yike dance and theatre. We are very fortunate to have two Yike teachers from Chhouk District famous for one of the only remaining Yike troupes left in Cambodia. Not only do we teach our small children, but we also train our older students the art of Yike, in order to preserve this wonderful art form in the future. Yike performances can be seen alongside our classical ballet, folk dance and music performances during our monthly concerts.

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