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12 April 2017
Blind Children

Dearest friends,

Please help support our Campaign to provide Education for our Blind Children. We have a special fundraising day on 3rd April 2017 when Global Giving will provide up to 50% of matching funds. The campaign starts at 9am EDT time and the earlier you donate, the more likelihood there is of getting your funds matched. See details at the foot of this newsletter.

Although the Cambodian Government is supposed to support Braille teachers this does not really happen. In fact it is our school which has to support our Braille teacher so that our blind children can get a full academic education in line with the national curriculum. Braille is a special writing that blind people can read with their fingers. Using special thick paper, they make special formations using a metal instrument and each of these formations forms a Braille letter.

Blind children receive no support from the state and those who live in remoter villages also face cruelty and discrimination from their families and the community. Without an education and rehabilitation, they grow up without a future and are destined to a life of poverty and suffering.

Our school is currently the only centre in Kampot Province providing support for blind children, through scholastic education, training in traditional Cambodian music, computer studies and English as well as accommodation and food at our school. Our Braille paper and metal instruments come from Krousar Thmey who were the first NGO to really establish Braille in Khmer language. We are very grateful to Krousar Thmey for their efforts and support. Thanks also to Miss Hout Soky who is our assistant program manager and who has begun the English and computer teaching program.

Please help support the cost of our Braille teacher for one academic year - $1500. Even a small amount goes a long way and of course the more people who help the better. So please help tell your friends and family!! Your help will make such an important difference in the lives of our blind students and really ensure that they have a good future.


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Photographs courtesy of Steve Porte. Our little boy was photographed by Gina Parkin