International Kampot Writers and Readers Festival

KCDI Annual statement 2015-16
26 October 2016
Enemies Of The People With DCC
Our school screens “Enemies of the People” together with the Documentation Centre of Cambodia
26 November 2016
International Kampot Writers And Readers Festival

The Opening Ceremony of the International Kampot Writers and Readers Festival (KWRF) will be held at our school on 3rd November 2016 at 5pm. A beautiful ceremony with a short film, traditional Cambodian ballet, Yike music and a short sketch of Traditional Shadow Puppet Theatre performed by our students as well as performances by special guests. Then at 7pm the breathtakingly beautiful and poignant film “In the Belly of a Dragon” by Ian Wiggins will be shown at our school too. Come and join us! Free entry!

On Saturday 5th November at 6pm a full “Traditional Khmer Shadow Puppet Theatre” performance will be given by the students of our school in our main hall. Tickets for International Guests $10 and Cambodian Nationals 4000R and all children free. Our exquisite hand-made leather shadow puppets will also be on sale. Using an ancient method of curing leather and using tree bark-dye, each puppet is unique These artworks were produced by our older students and masters.

The proceeds from ticket sales and shadow puppets will go to supporting programs and care for our resident children who are blind or orphaned, some with HIV and epilepsy.

Thank You!

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