KCDI Annual Statement 2018-19

ChildSafe Movement in Kampot
25 July 2019
End of Year Fundraising Campaign on GloblGiving
End of Year Fundraising Campaign on GloblGiving
2 December 2019

KCDI Annual statement 2018-2019

We are pleased to show you our Annual Statement for the Year 2018 - 2019. We make our monthly statements available to all donors and our yearly statements available to both our donors and the general public. We try and keep our budget quite small and sustainable in the long-term, by avoiding expatriate overheads and unnecessary administrative costs. This means that all donations go straight to the heart of our school and to all our programs - helping so many children in Kampot.

Our KCDI Annual Report 19 has been prepared and reviewed for KCDI by an external Accountant named Amelia Curtis. Amelia works full time as a Financial Management Consultant in Brisbane, Australia and also has prior experience in Corporate Financial Accounting.

In December of 2018, Amelia was the official vetted volunteer for AfID (Accounting for International Development) at KCDI, and helped train our accountancy and management staff. Since 2013, KCDI has been receiving expert training from AfID volunteers, approximately every year. This is the only type of volunteership permitted at KCDI in line with our Child Protection Policy.

After direct experience with our school, Amelia now understands how KCDI operates and since December 2018 has very kindly dedicated her free time and efforts to supporting our founder, school director and accountancy staff in ensuring KCDI is provided with accurate financial reporting and finance advice-related matters.

KCDI is profoundly grateful for Amelia’s expert help, kind spirit and her generosity in giving of her time to help our school, thereby helping the well-being and education of our children and supporting Cambodian families in Kampot.

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