Our school is participating in GlobalGiving’s “Little by Little Campaign”

KCDI Annual Statement 2017-18
26 March 2019

GlobalGiving’s "Little by Little Campaign"

Our school is participating in GlobalGiving’s "Little by Little Campaign" this Week and we really wish to raise funds for our new Outreach Program to help very vulnerable children come to study scholastic education, receive training in the arts, as well as eat at our school and then go back with transport provided by us (KCDI) to their single-mother family unit every afternoon/evening.

Donations up to $50 will be matched 60% by GlobalGiving. The Campaign starts at 9am EDT time and runs from 8th to 12th April. Because our school has Superstar status, we get the highest amount of matching funds! Remember, the earlier you donate, the better, because matching funds do run out!! Please tell all your friends and join in. With a little help from a lot of people, you can all make a Big difference.

To Donate: Please click here:-


Thank You

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