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KCDI has a variety of programs for achieving its two goals of preserving traditional Khmer arts and assisting disadvantaged children.

8 May 2014
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Residential Program

Our Residential Program was created in 1994 in response to the civil war in the Southwest of Cambodia. Kampot long known as a strong hold for the Khmer Rouge, inflicted great damage throughout the 1990’s on villages, infrastructure and the quality of life of ordinary Cambodian civilians.
7 May 2014
Cultural Program - KCDI

Cultural Program

Our school specializes in the tuition of traditional classical Cambodian music, ballet and theatre, as a form of post-traumatic therapy, but also as a form of vocational training and as a way to preserve Cambodia’s traditional arts and culture after the genocide of Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge.
6 May 2014
Rehabilitation Program for Blind Children - KCDI

Rehabilitation Program for Blind Children

Our blind students live at our school along with their special housemother, they are accompanied by our staff and sighted children to state school for lessons using Braille in the morning and then back to our school for lunch and music lessons in the afternoon.
6 May 2014
Outreach Program at KCDI

Outreach Program

We also assist a further 400 local children from the surrounding community, who come to our school during the daytime only, to study music and take ballet lessons. Those children who come from very poor villages, also receive a meal at our school and all children are entitled to medical care whenever they need it.
4 May 2014
Transition Plan at KCDI

Transition Plan

As the older children at KCDI complete high school and prepare for life outside of the orphanage, a transition program aimed at supporting these students into independent life is in place. This includes supporting students to attend university and to learn how to be members of the community.
3 May 2014
Exhibition Space at KCDI

Exhibition Space

KCDI opens its main hall to Cambodian artists as a free exhibition space in order to provide opportunities for the local community to have access to art exhibitions that may otherwise be out of reach. KCDI also cooperates with the local Department of Arts to put on exhibitions of artifacts.

They support KCDI

The Khmer Cultural Development Institute – Kampot Traditional Music for Orphaned and Disabled Children Partners and coordinates with the following organisations and foundations.

The Ministry of Culture – Royal Kingdom of Cambodia
The Ministry of Education – Royal Kingdom of Cambodia
The Ministry of Social Affairs – Royal Kingdom of Cambodia
– The Kampot Departments of Culture, Education and Social Affairs
– The National Theatre – Royal Kingdom of Cambodia
The Royal University of Fine Arts/Royal Ballet – Royal Kingdom of Cambodia

We also partner and coordinate with the following International and local NGOs and foundations :
Peace Notes (Peace Notes is an international charitable organisation, based in the USA. We are currently partnering with Peace Notes to raise funds and awareness for our school as well as our shared vision that music can bring real harmony and dialogue between different countries. (
Cambodian Living Arts (CLA) (Cambodia)
Epic Arts (Cambodia)
– KAMA (Cambodia) – Light Box (Cambodia)
UWCSEA Institute (Singapore)
In 2011, with funds raised from Kickstarter, KCDI students and staff traveled to Phnom Penh to record a CD of Yike, Pin Peat and Mahori music at a professional recording studio. The purpose of this CD was to capture and share these three traditional music forms and to raise money for the school. The CD is available for purchase at the following locations: In Kampot: Epic Arts Cafe Senor Sushi Om Cafe Green Guesthouse In Kep: Veranda Natural Resort Knai Bang Chatt In Phnom Penh: Monument Books Khmer Royal Souvenir Shop In Australia: Fairly Cambodian, Melbourne
Come and buy our unique hand-made Shadow Puppets. Made by the teachers and students of our school, these beautiful art creations from cow-leather and tree-bark dye can be found on sale at our school. Keep your eye out here, as we will start to sell them in other locations as well.
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