Sponsor a Bed !

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7 May 2018
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13 June 2018
Spnsor a Bed - KCDI

Dear Friends of Kampot Traditional Music School for Orphaned and Disabled Children,

We would like to invite you to join our project “Sponsor a Bed!” to provide a new bed for each of our children.

Our children’s beds are currently twenty-four years old and were made at the time when there were few bed-designs available. They are now old, cumbersome and falling apart and not comfortable or safe for our children. All those years ago, we asked different individuals to sponsor a bed for each child. We still have the bed and the name plaque sponsored by the H.E Charlie Twining, First US Ambassador to Cambodia after the Paris Peace Accord!!

We would so like to improve our children’s well-being and living conditions by making nice, new single beds for a cost of $95 each (Please see photo of bed example). We won’t make bunk-beds, because in Khmer culture this is considered disrespectful to the person who has to sleep below the other person.

If you would like to sponsor a bed and have your name inscribed on a plaque at the foot of the bed, please either click on this link to donate, not forgetting to give your name https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/sponsor-a-childs-bed/ or telephone Mr Uon Sambo our accountant and make an appointment to visit our school (Tel: 092 388 767).

If you live abroad, the above link is tax-free for US ad UK citizens.

Thank You Everybody!

Kind Wishes,