Peace, Reconciliation and Dialogue Through Traditional Cambodian Arts
4 May 2014
Outreach Program at KCDI
Outreach Program
6 May 2014
Transition Plan at KCDI
As the older children at KCDI complete high school and prepare for life outside of the orphanage, a transition program aimed at supporting these students into independent life is in place. This includes supporting students to attend university and to learn how to be members of the community.

Our transition program is divided into different areas according to the different needs of our older children. For example those students who are very talented at music or dance are able to join the Performance Group when they are aged 18 upwards. The Performance Group provides a platform for young artists to learn to choose their own performance schedules at the weekends, including performing at weddings, sacred and official ceremonies, also learning how to ask for fees, look after their own earnings and take responsibility for logistics in moving instruments and costumes. These students also assist our teachers during lessons, thereby learning teaching techniques. On graduation at our school, they receive a Performance Certificate, certified by the Department and Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts. This Performance Group of students also have access to exams at the Royal University of Fine Arts and to pursue their careers in higher studies as graduate students at the Royal University. Many ex-students in this category, have gone on to form their own ensembles, work at the Ministry of Culture and/or perform at the Royal Palace.

Transition Plan at KCDI

For those students who are academically-minded, an intense course and assistance is available in order to reach their Baccalaureate II (High school maturity exam). Our education officer then assists them in organizing their participation at University-entrance exams. Our school supports these residential students for the first year of their University. Our school is responsible for finding scholarship support from the University and financial assistance for scholastic materials, safe lodgings and the possibility of a part-time job to finance successive years at University. On this course, ex-students have attended Universities and teaching colleges both in Phnom Penh and in Kampot, they have successfully graduated and have gone on to teach, or gain a Masters, run their own businesses or work for other NGOs or business companies. Our ex-student graduates have studied a variety of subjects from economics, agriculture, business studies and teaching college.

Some students do not feel that their role in society is either artistic or academic and so our school assists them from before the age of 18 in finding the job-training and apprenticeship of their choice. Past students have learned amongst others, computer studies, camera repair and photographics, chauffeur skills, tailoring and sewing, crochet and embroidery, shoe-making and work in local businesses and factories.


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