Visitor’s Policy

Visitor Days and Times and Visitor’s Policy

Our school opens its doors to visitors on Thursday and Friday afternoons only,
Yike, Mohori, Pin Peat and dance lessons are from 2- 5pm and from 5.30 - 6.30pm (Main Hall and Mohori room)

Visitor Policy

Visitors are kindly requested to observe the following rules to safe-guard our children’s well-being and privacy.

1) All visitors are kindly requested by the guard and KCDI staff to sign a clearance register before attending a rehearsal.

2) If you wish to observe a rehearsal of the fine arts, please only come at the official time listed above. If you wish to purchase a hand made shadow puppet or music CD outside of visiting hours, please contact the KCDI guard and secretary.

2) Please do not smoke, bring alcohol or drugs onto the premises.

3) Please dress in a modest manner, taking off your shoes at the entrance of the rehearsal room. The traditional arts of Cambodia are considered sacred.

4) Please do not take photographs or post images on social media.

5) Please do not wander around the grounds. You are permitted only in the area of the two main rehearsal rooms.

6) If you would like to make a donation there are donation boxes in the rehearsal rooms. All money raised goes towards providing essential needs for our programs.

7) if you are interested in sponsoring the school and require further information, please kindly speak with our secretary Miss Sok Sophea or our director Mr Sothy (Tel 017 726 969) or our Pin Peat master Mr Sambo (092 388 767)

8) Please do not make personal gifts to our children such as money, food, toys or other items. This is inappropriate. If you would like to make a gift, please contact a member of KCDI staff.

9) Our school does not accept volunteers

Thank you